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  Advanced Traffic Management System

This unit directly monitors traffic conditions and responds to incidents, particularly during rush hour, in the Denver metro area. The unit also provides critical traffic and road condition information for the Advanced Traveler Information Unit. The ATMs operates seven days a week, 365 days a year. Among other important duties, ATMs operators work closely with C.D.O.T. Public Information Officers to verify the accuracy and currency of messages posted on electronic highway sign boards throughout the state.

The ATMs units employ computer systems and closed circuit TV cameras to monitor traffic flows. Additionally, the operators maintain radio communications with C.D.O.T. field operations, Denver police, and radio and TV commercial broadcast traffic reporters, including airborne units and the Mile High Courtesy Patrol. The unit is linked directly to the Colorado State Patrol and maintains telephone communications with response agencies such as the Greenwood Village police, Aurora police, and Adams County Sheriff's Department. Cell phone technology provides instant communication with commercial passenger carriers to assist in determining traffic flows.

The Mile High Courtesy Patrol dispatches via two-way radio by ATMs operators, which are composed of 16 recovery vehicles patrolling key areas of I-25, I-70, I-225, and 6th Avenue during morning and afternoon rush hours. The primary purpose of the patrol is immediate incident management like removal of minor accidents and stalls to facilitate smoother and faster rush-hours. Patrol vehicles are equipped to handle minor problems including flats and stalls, and they carry spare fuel for stranded drivers. If the Courtesy Patrol can not get a car or truck started, then recovery vehicles can tow disabled vehicles to nearby drop points.

The ATMs units are an integral member of C.D.O.T. Incident management response teams. These teams respond to major incidents on interstate and state highways. The unit assists in calling out forces, coordinates and supports responding teams, and gathers information for the Advanced Traveler Information Unit. The Advanced Traffic Management System comprises of numerous stand-alone hardware components and software systems. They integrate these elements into a seamless, user-friendly system.

The Advanced Traffic Management System uses:
Closed Circuit Television
Inductive Loops
Dynamic Message Signs (portable and permanent)
Radio Communication Equipment (featuring direct transmissions with Denver police and commercial broadcast traffic reporters including airborne)
Fiber Optic Communications Equipment
Multiple types of computer equipment
Weather Stations with Pavement Sensors
Also Advanced Computer Software
Integrated Incident Detection
Integrated Dynamic Message Control
HOV Lane Control
Integrated Weather Station Software
National Weather Service Satellite
CCTV Control Software

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