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Colorado Department
of Transportation

The Colorado State Patrol, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Forest Service are committed to making the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (August 22-28, 2011) a world class event for the race participants, citizens of Colorado, and spectators.

In keeping with the bicycle racing tradition of spectator access, parking and camping will be allowed along Colorado highway right of ways as long as the following conditions are met:

If any area becomes overwhelmed with vehicles, including trailers, or the number of vehicles in an area is deemed excessive, CDOT and CSP may clear the area and require vehicles to move to another location.

Recent Wildlife/Bear Activity

For spectators who may have been planning to stay in the Difficult Campground (six miles east of Aspen), the Forest Service has prohibited use of tents and soft-sided (fabric) trailers or campers due to a recent incident involving a black bear. The Forest Service recommends campers use sites along State Highway 82 between Aspen and Independence Pass, including the Lincoln, Lostman, and Weller Campgrounds.

Due to recent bear activity, the Colorado Division of Wildlife urges spectators to learn more about Bear Country by (clicking here)

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